Day Workshops

The regular Day Workshops take place three or four times a year, usually on a Monday from 10am to 4pm, and are an opportunity to concentrate on a particular topic or group of singing techniques over an extended period of time.    

Recent courses have worked on techniques and exercises to help reduce tension when singing and ease vocal production, using imagination to help improve vocal performance from the more mature voice. Classes are for any ability, have a maximum of 15 students, and are presented in a friendly and informal way. The aim is to explain clearly how the singers can improve their vocal ability through the topic of the day using exercises and techniques they will continue to practise at home. There is generally the opportunity to sing a solo during the day – not everyone feels that this is something they would like to do but often join in despite their misgivings!For those singers working on a particular piece they would like to improve there are Performance Workshops. These have a maximum of 10 singers who will perform their pre-prepared song 2 or 3 times during the day and receive feedback, the performances are recorded on CD for each student for personal use. Places must be booked with Joyce in advance.

All classes are held at:
New Longton Methodist Church Hall
Chapel Lane, New Longton,
Lancashire PR4 4AA

For singers of all abilities.
Spend the day working on exercises and techniques to help you improve your singing.
The fee for the each day is £45.00 which includes a non-refundable deposit of £7.50.
There is a maximum of 15 singers at each course (apart from the Performance Workshop).
Places must be booked in advance. (See contact details).
Morning coffee, tea and biscuits are included, with a sandwich lunch at Stickyweeds Cafe next door.*
The fee for the Performance Workshop will be £50.00 and has a maximum of 10 singers.
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