Review Verdi Requiem in Gorton Monastery

Verdi Requiem Gorton Monastery – Mezzo soprano Joyce Tindsley immediately showed herself to be a class act in the following Liber Scriptus exhibiting an easy top to match her firm lower tones. Throughout the performance she showed her grasp of the nuances of the words as well as varying her dynamic. Importantly… her vocal clarityContinue reading “Review Verdi Requiem in Gorton Monastery”

Review of Verdi Reqium Manchester

Verdi Requiem Manchester – Joyce Tindsley had a beautiful mellow tone which resonantly soared over the orchestra.. The opening of the Agnus Dei provided a super illustration of the musicianship of the mezzo and soprano. The mezzo built on this with a beautiful opening for the Lux aeterna. She demonstrated a relaxed, almost graceful styleContinue reading “Review of Verdi Reqium Manchester”